3 Easy Ways to Make Money Online

ways to make money onlineThere has never been an easier platform for ways to make money than with the Internet.

Anyone who can use a computer, get online, and click the mouse potentially has to power to make hundreds, thousands, if not millions of dollars each day, month, or year!

Even if you don’t know how to use a computer, you can learn. My friend and business partner Mike didn’t start using a computer until he was 21-years old, which was just a few years ago, and now he has pretty much mastered it and making over $15,000 plus a month online!

3 Easy Ways to Make Money Online

    affiliate marketing with mypcbackup

  1. AFFILIATE MARKETING: In it’s simplest form, affiliate marketing is getting paid for referring someone to buy a product or service. For example, I’m affiliated with MyPCBackup, an online computer file backup service. When I refer someone to their site (with a special website link that’s tracked to me) I get paid $50 if they buy! The purchase can be as little as $6 too! Even if I just make one referral sale a day, that’s an extra $1,500 a month! I know a lot of people who are making several sales a day!
  2. host then profits

  3. HOST THEN PROFITS: Powered by Global Virtual Opportunities (GVO), is similar to an affiliate program, but when people you refer buy isn’t just a one-time commission, you get residual monthly income! Which means you keep getting paid on their purchase each month. Refer enough people and you’ll never have to “work” again! GVO provides website hosting services, auto-responders, blog building, easy video producer, and even a web conferencing platform to have online meetings!
  4. empower network

  5. EMPOWER NETWORK: Like GVO, but get 100% commissions! Empower Network is a unified blogging platform that’s designed to provide you with a stable residual monthly income by referring their products and services. You get paid 100% of the commissions! If your referral just buys the basic level membership of $25 a month, you make $25 a month. If they upgrade and buy the Inner Circle for another $100 a month your commission is an additional $100 a month…and so on and so on. My friend Paul, from Idaho makes over $5,000 a month just from Empower Network alone!

These are the three most easiest ways I have found to make money online. And you know what the best part is? All three of these online money making methods are in a free marketing all in one place! This allows you to make money on the front end and residual income on the back end providing you with a stable income that could supplement or even replace your current income.


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