4-Step Proven Success Formula

4 step proven success formulaI’m about to share with you a 4-Step Proven Success Formula that was shared with me from an individual who is making over $100,000 per month!

The word “proven” is obviously from the word “prove,” which is subject to a test, experiment, comparison, analysis, or the like, to determine quality, amount, acceptability, characteristics, etc. Basically, it’s a method that works.

“Success” is defined in many ways depending on the category of success we are seeking. Dictionary.com defines “success” as the favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors or the attainment of wealth, position, honors, or the like.

Finally, a “formula” is much like a recipe for chocolate chip cookies. It is a set of instructions followed in a certain way, which if followed correctly results in a tasty treat that can be dunked in ice cold milk.

With that being said, to have a proven success formula is to follow a recipe that has resulted in one’s desired results. This 4-Step Proven Success Formula is universal and can be used by anyone to achieve anything they desire.

4-Step Proven Success Formula

  1. INTENTION – You must have a CLEAR INTENTION of what you want to accomplish! What are you trying to accomplish? Your intention needs to be specific. For example, just to say that you want to lose weight isn’t enough. Define how much weight you want to lose within a a definite frame of time.
  2. STRATEGY – To have a STRATEGY for success is to have a PLAN! A plan is developed in advance on how to accomplish your clear intentions. With the example of losing weight, this strategy may include an exercise and diet regime. Like step #1, you strategic plan needs to be clear with specific things to do that will result in success.
  3. SIMPLICITY – Keep it simple. We tend to overcomplicate our intentions and even our strategic plan. If our intentions are too high and our strategy involves too much is enough for most people to not even take the most important step, action.
  4. ACTION – To have a CLEAR INTENTION, the best STRATEGY, and in its most SIMPLE form does you nothing if you don’t take ACTION! You need to actually get out the bowl, the ingredients, and mix it all together and finally put it in the oven to bake! The cookies aren’t going to make themselves. TAKE ACTION and BEGIN NOW to follow your simple strategy to accomplish your clear intentions.
  5. Success leaves clues. This 4-Step Proven Success Formula is used by a person in the network marketing industry that makes him over $100,000 a month!!! If he’s following this formula, don’t you think it would be a good idea to follow it yourself?

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