A Lesson From Babe Ruth

lesson from babe ruthAbout an hour ago, my 3-year old son brought me the “Sandlot” movie wanted to watch it. Who knew in the opening scene would provide me a powerful lesson from Babe Ruth.

Instead of trying to explain it in words, I took the liberty of recording the opening scene to share a lesson from Babe Ruth…

I have seen the Sandlot many times and never recognized this lesson from Babe Ruth before. When I watched that opening scene I immediately recognized the lesson…

…did you?

If not, watch it again.

A Lesson From Babe Ruth

What I’m Doing to Apply the Lesson From Babe Ruth in my Life

1 – Attitude & Mindset: Each and every day I develop my mind and create for myself a positive mental attitude. Monday-Friday I participate in a morning mindset call with hundreds of people across the country discuss principle of “thinking and growing rich.” The word “rich” isn’t necessarily to mean monetary wealth…it could mean a richness in physical and spiritual health keeping a positive outlook on life.

believe2 – Belief & Faith: To manifest things into your life like Babe Ruth, you need to have the faith and belief that the things you desire WILL in fact come into your life! This is probably the most important step. Believe it. Achieve it.

3 – Consistent Commitment: If you are fully committed in applying this lesson from Babe Ruth, you will be committed and consistent in doing the things necessary to manifest your desires to appear in your life. For me, I’m on the call every day, I’m reading aloud my major definite purpose as directed in the book Think and Grow Rich, and constantly striving for self-improvement.

These are the “ABC’s” of getting whatever you want in life! These are Universal Laws that anyone, anywhere can do!

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