A Note From My Skeptic Wife

The following is from Evan’s wife, the skeptic:

I grew up with the belief that education is the answer to success. And I still believe it is because my education has opened more doors than I can possibly count. But I happen to be married to a man who would rather pursue a network marketing career and take risks instead of be employed in a stable field with benefits. CRAZY! How does that make sense??

But because I love my husband and want to be supportive of his endeavors, I decided that when the day comes that his business efforts make sense to me, I will jump on the bandwagon and give him my full backing. That day has come. I have seen Evan begin and fail. That doesn’t sound nice. But it’s the truth. He has tried many things. And with each thing, I have wondered if he really has the motivation to carry it through…if it’s really a product that will be valuable…if it’s really something that is worth the risk. The answer has always been no…until now.

Evan is changing his life. Starting with himself. He has found a product and a company and a system that is incredible. This company treats him like family, something he has never had from any of his jobs. This system delivers results, something I did not see from other systems. Is he making money from it? YES. But even more important, he has become a self-driven, motivated, insightful and more balanced man. All because he joined a company that believes in self-improvement and believes in helping each other for the common good.

I never thought I would say this, but his business mindset now makes sense to me and my analytical no risk brain. Because it makes sense, because it’s working, I’m now a believer.

Are you a skeptic too? To me, that means you have some fears of risk. I get it. Guess what? This is a low risk way for you to calm your fears while at the same time open your mind that the possibilities are so much more than you ever thought existed. It is so worth your time to come check this out: www.411ON124.com

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2 thoughts on “A Note From My Skeptic Wife

  1. Love the fact that you’re supporting him and that he turned you. Education is good to have. I have my Bachelors and working on my Masters but network marketing is so much simpler than four years undergrad and brings results much faster.

  2. How well you express the skepticism of many spouses, including mine. I treasure her support and now like you with one One 24 and Team Prosperity, I hope to be able to achieve my goals in internet marketing. We truly do have the best of the best in support here.

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