Are You Making Things More Difficult Than It Should Be?

Easy way or hard wayIt seems to me that sometimes we make things more difficult that it should be…

…are you doing things the ‘easy way’ or the ‘hard way’?

There’s two factors to consider:

(1) Do we think it’s it’s easy or hard?
(2) Are we doing it the easy way or the hard way?

Both your thoughts AND actions need to be in alignment with each other. If you think it’s going to be easy, it will. OR if you think it’s going to be hard, the same it also true… it’ll be hard.

Here’s a real-life example of an experience not too long ago. CAUTION: It may be too simple 😉

Are You Making Things Easy or Hard?

Choose the EASY Way*

*By click the link above or this one, isn’t a guarantee that it will be easy. As with anything you decide to do, it takes a positive mindset, to be teachable, and to do things in a Certain Way. Many people in this business and industry tend to make things more difficult than it should be ;).

Are YOU Doing Things in a Certain Way to Make Things EASY?

Here’s a Snowman Story… I grew up in north eastern Idaho in a little town called Rexburg. During the winter months we had tons and tons of snow so my experience in building snowmen started at a very young age.

Just over eight years ago I married a girl from southern California who obviously didn’t grow up with a lot of snow during the winter – if any at all. The same is true for her two brothers and sister.

A couple of years ago my wife’s entire family was at our house for Christmas with their spouses and children. One evening they all decided to go outside and build a snowman with the kids. I chose to stay inside and do who knows what (probably organizing or cleaning something).

The Easy Way or the Hard WayWell a couple of hours passed and they were ALL still outside building a snowman. So I went outside and observed what they were doing to build this snowman… By now I expected to see a masterpiece, but what I found was a snowman with only the base… the first ‘snowball’ on the bottom.

I’m like, okay… That’s ONE way to build a snowman. I didn’t say a thing and in the background I took up some snow and compacted it into a ball and then proceeded to roll the ball in the snow. Seriously, within 5 minutes I had a complete 3-layer snowman when they were still working on their first.

When they saw what I had done in five minutes what has taken them hours they were dumb-founded and in complete silence.


The point? Don’t make things more difficult than it should be! There are Certain Ways to do things that get certain results. Some ways are better and more effective than others.

When you’re starting out building a business from home to generate income, are you doing things the “California Snowman Way” or the “Idaho Snowman Way?”

The answer is obvious. The same thing applies with business opportunities and generating income online from home. If you’ve never done it before, do you just ‘gather up the snow’ to get leads and sales or do you find out how to ‘roll up the snow’ to get desired results?

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Remember, only YOU have the CHOICE
to make it a great day!

Your Partner in Success,

Evan Scoresby


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