Black Friday Deals Like Residual Income

black friday dealsIn just over a week, thousands of people all across the country will be at their favorite store for Black Friday Deals.

Black Friday Deals is an exciting time and a “rush” if you will to be in the midst of 100’s of people trying to get in on the best deal of the day. Like getting Call of Duty 4 for ten bucks or a 55″ inch LCD HDTV for $200…

…deals that make people go crazy!

You’ve all seen the videos of people storming into stores, looking like a stampede of cattle in the stark of winter fighting for that last scrap of food to survive! To refresh your memory, the 40-second video below shows a mass of people storming into Urban Outfitters last year…

If people knew the power of residual income, they would be like this crowd of people stammering to get it like all the Black Friday Deals. But what is residual income?

Black Friday Deals Like Residual Income

Residual Income: Income that continues to be generated after the initial effort has been expended.

One thing that drives me crazy about my corporate sales job is that every sale I make for a given month is only for that month only…I don’t get anything else for that sale later on. The next month, my quota resets and have to start all over again. I sometimes imagine if every sale I made continues to pay me a percentage every month they stay with the company I would be rich! Especially after four years and thousands of sales!

When people understand the power of residual income, they would be like that crowd of people rushing into the store trying to get the Black Friday Deals.

Getting Your Own Black Friday Deals Like Residual Income

One thing that attracted me to my primary network marketing company, is that my auto-ship product purchase of $70 each month builds a 4-6 figure monthly residual income within 12-24 months! All that is required is to sponsor one person a month and have them do the same. Click here to see how that works.

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Or you can write a hit new song and receive royalties for the rest of your life.

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