Blog Traffic Secret #4 of 7 – Posting in Social Media Groups

facebook group marketingPosting in social media groups is very powerful…

…plus it’s an easy, quick, and free way to get your content in front of a massive amount of people.

Tapping into social media groups will also increase your friend requests to increase your following.

Remember generating leads and sales all starts with traffic Do this daily to get more traffic to your blog posts.

Both LinkedIn and Facebook has groups that you can search and join by keyword. For example, if you search for groups with the keyword “network marketing” it will bring up all the groups containing that phrase.

On Google+ they’re called “communities”… but they are the same thing as groups.

Why Are Social Media Groups So Powerful

First of all, members of these groups are all like minded individuals. If you belong a group named “Network Marketing Secrets” you can post your link with relevant content, potentially you can get many visitors to your blog reading your stuff!

Second, depending on each members’ notification settings in each group, they could get an email directly from you notifying them of your post. Or it may show as a notification when they’re logged into the site directly.

Third, when you get social interaction with comments, shares, and likes, more people will see the activity and will want to read it…not to mention getting notified in the process.

Step-by-Step Guide For Posting in Social Media Groups

Here’s another great video from my mentor, friend, and business partner giving a step-by-step guide on how to post in social media groups.

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