Blog Traffic Secrets #1 of 7 – Syndication Groups

blog traffic secret 1 syndication groupsBlog traffic secrets #1 of 7 is syndication groups.

Syndication groups are a group of individuals or organizations making a joint effort to undertake some specific duty.

With blogging, getting traffic is key. No traffic –> No Leads –> No Sales.

Being part of a syndication group helps give your blog more authority and search engines like Google. The goal is to be on the first page of Google, which will give you free organic traffic.

When you are involved in syndication groups, everyone within the group comments, “likes”, or shares your content. Google likes interaction and will increase the rankings.

This is very powerful and a free way to increase traffic to your blog.

Rule of thumb: No spamming. You want to create value-based content that others will want to read and share with others. There’s no value in just spamming your capture page links.

The idea is to say, “Hey Bob, I’ll comment on your blog or video if you comment on mine.” You are working together to get more interaction, which again will help increase your rankings.

How to Create Syndication Groups

social media syndication groupsWithin every social media outlet you can create some kind of group. Facebook Groups, Google+ Communities, Skype Group, LinkedIn Groups, etc.

Facebook Groups are the most popular. On the left-hand column of Facebook, there’s a section that says “Groups.” When you click it, your news feed will be replaced your groups, if any.

At the top of the page, click “Create Group.” Name your group, add at least one member, keep the privacy closed or secret, and select create!

You’re done! You just created a group. I recommend not having more than 10 members within your group. You don’t want to spend all day reading content, watching videos, and commenting…

…so be selective in who you want part of the group, and if they don’t participate, kick ’em out and add someone who will.

Scores Syndication Groups

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