Chunking Down the Success Formula

The NEW Success Formula

The original success formula is still intact and serves as a general guidance for those seeking to find success in their life and business. All of the variable in the success formula – mindset, skillset, performance and results – can all be ‘chunked’ down and applied to whatever you’re endeavoring to achieve.

Chunking Down the Success Formula

MINDSET – The variable of ‘mindset’ remains unchanged, but can still be chunked down into different things. Here’s a few examples of what you can do to improve your mindset:

  • Read inspiring and motivating books like Think and Grow Rich, The Science of Getting Rich, Psycho-Cybernetics, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, and many more…
  • Be part of a ‘Mastermind’ with like-minded people that lift up and inspire each other. For example, you can join our Morning Mindset Call every weekday morning and be connected with our Facebook group.

  • Don’t have time to read? Listen to audio books and personal development courses. You can even turn your car into an ‘Automobile University’. This is especially true if you commute to work everyday.

LIST BUILDING – If you are building an online business of any kind, building a list is the most important skillset that you can learn. It’s often been said that an email subscriber list is an Internet Marketer’s most prized possession. Here’s some way you can build your list:

  • First and foremost, you need the ability to capture leads (i.e. email address, name and phone number, etc.). There are many products to do this… I personally GVO, but the most popular are Aweber, GetResponse and iContact.
  • Second, you need a place to put your capture lead form. This could be on a blog or website you operate or caputre page like this one I created. Or you could use pre-made capture pages that come with a system or biz opp like this one.
  • Last, protect your list and get them to know, like and trust you. How do you do this? Continually give them value instead of always ‘pitching’ them. Give them something useful to help them and their success formula.

CONVERSIONS – Probably the most important part of the equation. You can have a great mindset and be positive and optimistic and even have a ginormous list of thousands of people, but if none of those captured leads convert into sales… It’s pointless. No sales = no money.

Knowing how to convert your leads into sales is a skillset all it’s own and worthy of study. It’s also part of ‘performance’ and not only you, as an online business owner to take action, but having a call to action for your list.

15K Formula

  • The BEST skillset training for converting leads I’ve seen is contained in the $15K Formula product from Empower Network. It cost me a thousand bucks and well worth the price and have made well over that in applying it’s principles.
  • The $15K Formula product also comes with an affiliate program. You can sell it to others and earn 100% of the commissions. Sell it for $1,000, make $1,000. Learn about the affiliate program here.
  • There’s many other resources and tools to help you to convert leads into sales and conversions. Do your due diligence and seek them out. Study and learn for yourself and become a master of conversions!

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