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Plan Your DayI’ve been rereading a book by Dave Ramsey, “Financial Peace” and came across a chapter on daily planning.

Success leaves clues because as I’ve read about MANY different guru’s and people who are financially independent they ALL talk about how important it is to plan your day.

We must consciously prioritize our life every day. Most of us need to do this very practical exercise in the morning…even if you have to wake 30-minutes earlier to do it!

Dave says, “You can not only dramatically affect your financial life by having a quiet time early in the morning, but it will affect your career and your spiritual condition positively as well.”

He continues, “If you want to have time to consciously prioritize your life daily, you will make the necessary changes in y our lifestyle to accommodate that few minutes of serenity each day. You can spend your quiet time learning from your past by review, as well as thinking where you need to be in five years personally, with your family, and in your career. This time of reflection will cause you to make adjustments in all these areas of your life.”

In essence, we do what we really want to do. If you truly want to change certain areas of your life to avoid pain than then prosper, you will have to try new ways of doing things. And daily planning is a great place to start.

If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they may have planned for you? Not much.

-Jim Rohn

Jack Canfield suggest that we plan our day the night before…in fact many people do because days can be chaotic and daily planning can be easily overlooked.

Whether you plan the night before or in the morning before your day begins, the important thing is that you write it down. With the advances in technology, keeping a calendar has become very easily as it is readily available on any smartphone or tablet and can be synced with common carries like Outlook or Google.

Another key factor to keep in mind, refer to your plan several times throughout the day and stick to your schedule. Writing it down is a great first step, but if you forget about it and do nothing, it benefits you the same. Make it a priority to plan each day before it begins.

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