5 Ways to Double Your Income by Cold Calling

Several years ago I used to be an insurance salesman for a Fortune 500 company.

During my training I was taught the Law of Averages and given the numbers – the breakdown of how many phone calls I needed to make to get one appointment, how many appointments I needed to give a presentation, and how many presentations I needed to get the sale.

I was absolutely amazed that the sales process could be broken down into that kind of formula and what amazed me even more is that it was true! Not only was it true with insurance sales, but this same principle and Law can be used for endeavor including network marketing.

The numbers are so important and there are five ways in which you and I can double our income, based on what we do with these numbers as described in the book, Cold Calling Techniques: That Really Work.

  1. Double the Number of Calls. If it takes you 10 calls for one person to say yes, make 20 calls and you’ll get another person to say yes. Double your number, and you’ll get more sales.
  2. Get Through More Often. On a typical day, I call 15 people and speak to seven of them. Now, getting through to 14 people might be tough. But if I got through to eight people a day, would it change anything? Well, one more person a day means over 200 more people a year. That’s a big number. Think about how a similar change would affect your numbers.
  3. Get More Appointments. Instead of speaking to seven people and getting one yes every day, I could get two yeses or even 1.2 appointments. As long as I increase the ratio over time, I’m going to be more successful. If I got one more yes a day, the amount of additional income I could generate would be incredible! But even a smaller increase could make a dramatic difference.
  4. Close More Sales. What is your closing ratio? When I was in selling insurance I knew I had to pick up the phone 20 times to get one appointment. The more I did it, the more experience I got, and that ratio increased and was able to get one appointment with every 10 calls I made. Keep track of your calls and get to know your Law of Averages.
  5. Generate More Dollars Per Sales. If you could get twice as many dollars out of each sale, you could (theoretically at least) double your income! Companies do this all the time, especially in the fast food industry. When you order just a hamburger they always ask, “do you want fries with that?” You already have the sale, why not ask for more? The worst they can say is no and you still have the original sale. But what if they say yes? You just doubled your sales and income for that sale.

These 5 ways to double your income by cold calling is just a small section in a single chapter in this book by Stephan Schiffman. It is full of other valuable information that will help you succeed in your cold calling efforts. I highly recommend you pick up a copy for yourself.


Remember, only YOU have the CHOICE to make it a GREAT day!

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4 thoughts on “5 Ways to Double Your Income by Cold Calling

  1. Great article….this is the very thing I’m thinking about outsourcing but I might try your method to this and see what kind of results I get before I just cipher it off to someone else.

  2. Excellent tips Evan! We use the term…..going for no’s. This isn’t meant to sound negative as most people think, it just means the more no’s you get means you’re getting that much closer to a yes! Like you said make MORE calls, set MORE appointments and don’t be afraid to ask for MORE sales! Great stuff! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Awesome tips Evan. What you lack in skill you make up in numbers! I heard that from Jim Rohn! Make more dials then the other person and you will win over the skilled person that does less!

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