Erasing Fear From Your Life

erasing fear from your lifeIn past posts, I’ve talked about fear…

…how to overcoming it, is it holding you back, etc. So why am I writing about it again?

Well, I had an conversation a couple of days ago with a co-worker. On a side note, soon this friend will be an ex-co-worker because I plan to fire my boss by March 1, 2013…

…but I asked her what was one of her dreams? What was your passion? What did you want to do with your life?

She began to explain how she’s always wanted to run her own daycare and laid out a vision inside her head of everything she wanted to do with this daycare almost right down to every detail. She had a clear intention of what she wanted, a vision, and a dream.

I flat out asked her why she wasn’t living her dream? . . .

. . . FEAR. She said fear (at least she recognizes it right?)

Ralph Waldo Emerson gave the best antidote to erasing fear from your life…

“Do the thing you fear,
and the death of fear is certain.”



I was scared of calling prospects (until I did it)…

I was scared of recording a video of myself (until I did it)…

I was scared of sharing my thoughts on a conference call (until I did it)…

…you get the idea. To erase fear from your life is to face it. Once you face it fear will die.

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