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facebook group marketingFacebook group marketing is one of the hottest new ways to reach a targeted demographic to promote your business or product.

Facebook is a giant! Worldwide, the site had 955 million monthly active users in June, up 55 million from the 900 million it had announced in April.

Meanwhile, daily active users account for more than half of the monthly total now, at 552 million for June — broadly, this fits the historical trend of more than half of all users coming back every day.

Groups on Facebook continue to grow and become more and more popular as well. Any user can create a group and targeted for any purpose. For example, I belong in a group called “Personal Development.” It has hundreds of people within the group and ALL can interact with each other to share ideas on self-improvement.

One of the reasons Facebook group marketing is so powerful is because when a member posts in the group, it sends a notification to all group members. Depending on user settings, the notification could come as an email, text on their cell phone, or within Facebook itself. You post is more likely to be seen by a targeted group of people…

…Internet Marketers are using this powerful tool to link to their website, blog, product, or service!

Not all groups will allow you to promote your business, but many do. Make sure you read the group details or see what other people are posting to make sure it’s okay. If it’s not, the group administrator will probably kick you out of the group.

Here’s another group that I belong to ==>> Make Money Online. If you notice the posts, everyone is selling something!

Facebook group marketing is FREE and EASY to use. When you log in to Facebook, located at the top center is a search bar. Here you can put in any keyword to search for a group that you’re targeting. When you search, DO NOT SELECT ENTER ON YOUR KEYBOARD, click the search icon with your mouse at the end of the search bar. This will allow you to filter your results.

Once you click the search icon, you’ll notice on the left-hand side it filters the results…people, pages, places, and GROUPS. If you select groups it will then bring up all the groups on Facebook with the keyword used. From there, you can check out the group and request to join. Here’s an example of one of my posts in just one of the groups of which I belong:

facebook group marketing

With over 5,000 members in the group, more than likely at least one person will click on the link within the post (http://miracleminutes.com) and more than likely I’m bound to get one interested person in learning more about getting unlimited home phone service for just $20 a month…right?

Right! In fact, I’m getting 2-3 leads a day with Facebook group marketing. Sometimes it’s less, sometimes it’s more. The key is to be consistent and post every day in between 10-100 groups a day.

This is just ONE method I use to market on the Internet. In fact, I learned about this and many other tactics by being part of a team with the goal to get its members making $10,000 a month in as little as 90-days!

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