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One of the most difficult things about trying to make money online with your website or blog is getting Internet traffic and getting your site ranked on major search engines. Without it, it’s like putting up a billboard in the middle of nowhere.

Since I started blogging and promoting my site I’ve been using Social Monkee to help create back links to my website. A back link is where someone posts your website link on their website. The more back links, the more credible your website and consequently higher page ranks. Higher the page ranks, more traffic to your site.

Social Monkee allows you to submit one URL a day and automatically creates twenty-five back links to your site…for FREE! If you want more links there’s an option to upgrade your account for $47, which I haven’t done and continue to use the free method.

As a free member, you have access to partial link reports, and not full link reports. You can see the sites where your back links were created.

Another cool feature of Social Monkee is their affiliate program. When you refer others to their site, you have the potential of making some extra money when or if they upgrade their account. Just another stream of income at your fingertips.

I’ve been very happy with Social Monkee and use it every day and highly recommend it…especially for the new network marketer. A free and easy tool to add to your bucket.

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