Green Ticket Bonus

green ticket bonusOctober begins the third month that One24 implemented a Green Ticket Bonus within their compensation plan for Active Preferred Customers (APCs).

One24 is my primary online business that’s designed to take a person down the road to retirement within 12-24 months with a 4-6 figure monthly residual income.

The reason why One24 is named One24 is because APCs receive ONE green ticket each month for 24 months. That ONE green ticket is used to enroll new people into the business. By using your green ticket during the given month automatically gives you the Green Ticket Bonus! For the last two months it has been valued at over $50!

Now $50 may not seem like that much for most people, but when you consider the cost of this business is only $60 a month it’s almost making 100% commissions! Keep in mind that this Green Ticket Bonus is just ONE aspect of the compensation plan and is just a bonus to increase your paycheck!

Watch the video below to learn about One24’s entire compensation plan:

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Remember, YOU have the CHOICE to make it a GREAT day!

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★ Work With Me Personally in ONE24

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