Health Benefits of Coconut Milk

health benefits of coconut milk A couple of month ago my wife totally changed how we eat. Some of the big changes that we’ve made is less meat, less (if any) processed food, no dairy, and switched to browns (wheat flour, all-natural sugar, etc.). I haven’t fully come on board with the everything, but am slowly coming around.

Kristel, my wife, made the change after reading a ton a research and articles about the food we eat and how it’s slowly killing our children. A lot of the food we eat are connected to many of the nation’s health problems…especially processed foods. We are trying to use foods that are as close to the sources as possible.

Since we cut out dairy, we needed to substitute. We now use Almond Milk and Coconut Milk. I started doing my own research and wanted to see what, if any, are the benefits to coconut milk. I was surprised to find the following:

There are some excellent benefits of coconut milk and why it is good for you. My personal favorite is controlling and maintaining weight along with lowering blood pressure. Since we cut out cow’s milk I haven’t fully embraced the substitutes, but after learning a little more I am definitely more apt to drinking it more. I need to get me health under control instead of my health controlling me!


Remember, YOU have the CHOICE to make it a GREAT day!

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