How Poor People Think

Over the past year since I’ve began my personal development quest, I’ve come to understand a little bit about how poor people think. On the contrary, I’ve also come to understand how rich people think and wanted to share a couple of insights…

waiting in lineTo the right is a picture of a line of people camping out at Best Buy for upwards of 24 hours to save $200 on a television that’s on a upcoming Black Friday deal…

…24 hours!!!

That’s 24 hours of their lives that they’ll never get back. It reminds me of a quote by Jim Rohn, “Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money, but you can’t get more time.”

It boggles my mind that people would do this and not be doing something of value and productive.

When I saw this I immediately thought, I’d rather spend that time working on my home-based business building my fortune so I won’t have to worry about saving 200 bucks on a t.v. because I have the financially resources to just go buy what I want when I want!

Another insight on how poor people think is the amount of time people spend on watching that t.v. they waited 24-hours in line to save 200 bucks. I mean, the average person averages between 3-5 hours a day watching the boob tube…

watching tv…and some of the programs are so pointless and do nothing to better the human condition and kills brain cells in most cases.

Full disclosure: I personally do watch some t.v. and do so on my own schedule. The beauty of TiVo. When I do finally get around to watching some of my favorite shows like Fringe, it’s usually on a Sunday when I don’t work or after I get done with the things I do everyday to grow my business.

One more insight on how poor people think is that my friend and business partner shared an experience with me with he had with a person that joined his business and team…

…yesterday he read an email from her and all it said was this: “Hello Paul, I have withdrawn from [XYZ] company. Everyone that I respect think that it’s a scam.”

His first thought was, well obviously you don’t respect the people who are making a fortune from home (on a side note, Paul is a top money earning in our network marketing company and earns over $15,000 a month) so who do you respect?

Are you respecting a person who makes $3,000 a month at a job they hate who’s telling you it’s a scam? Who are they following here? That’s how poor people think. Poor people take advice from any and everybody. Poor people take advice from other poor people…

scam…it’s amazing: “I’m withdrawing from your company because everyone I respect think that it’s a scam.” You know what IS a scam?

A scam is waiting outside of Best Buy for 24 hours to save $200 on a t.v…

A scam is going to a job you hate to make just enough money to pay the bills and sit around and watch t.v. in the evening time and going to bed at night not feeling fulfilled, not feeling passionate, not feeling excited about what’s happening in your life…

…tha’s a scam! That’s the biggest scam I’ve ever seen!!! But who do you listen to?

Are you listening to poor people or wealthy people? What are you doing with your most precious, most valuable, commodity…time?

I implore you to follow and listen to people who are making more money than you instead of someone who’s not.

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