How to Deal With Frustration

How to Deal With FrustrationHave you ever wondered how to deal with frustration?

Well, you’re not alone. There’s a lot of frustrated people out there and unfortunately for most they let this frustration be a negative force in the moment and throughout their life. Which in and of itself could be a huge detriment in their life.

When someone gets frustrated it usually leads to discouragement. That discouragement leads to doubt. That doubt leads to a lack of belief. That non-belief stops progression and keeps one moving forward. This is especially important when setting out to accomplish your goals, dreams, aspirations and desires.

How to Deal With Frustration

how to deal with frustrationThere are many times in my life when I get frustrated myself and unfortunately I have gone through that cycle of being discouraged followed by doubt and having a lack of belief. Which inevitably left me with no desire to keep moving forward…

…BUT, I recently came across some new insight on how to deal with frustration that totally changed my perspective.

It was a “light bulb moment” for me.

Every Monday through Friday I participate in a Think & Grow Rich conference call and today during the mastermind portion of the call a comment was made about how to deal with frustration.

Coach Ray Briggs talked about one of his basketball players who was frustrated he didn’t get enough time on the court and his parents felt the same way and voiced their concern and disapproval to him. He told them that he was glad they were frustrated because you can use that as a positive force to keep you driving forward and play with more competitiveness.

We can do the same thing when frustration comes to our life. Use it as a motivation to succeed that will push you forward with a desire and determination to do what ever it takes – that’s it, period!

Panic Away

Additional Tips on How to Deal With Frustration

Reframing your frustration into a positive force isn’t going to happen immediately. It will take some conscious effort to make it happen in your life, but here’s a few additional tips to utilize on how to deal with frustration when it comes your way:

  1. STAY POSITIVE! Probably the most important. You need to stay positive, which takes work. Remove all negativity from your life. Stop listening and reading to the news and fill your mind with uplifting information with motivating books and audios. Check out our Mindset Training to get you started.
  2. VISUALIZE A POSITIVE OUTCOME. A great deal of times you can get stuck on concentrating on what you would prefer not to happen or dreading the most horrible thing that could happen. The top players of the world will envision themselves contending impeccably again and again. There is no space for disappointment in their personalities. This is the thing that you have to concentrate on too. See yourself accomplishing your sought conclusion. What will it look like? What will it feel like? What will you say? By what means will you feel? Take the time to imagine it and truly feel it. It will rouse you to continue moving advances.
  3. TAKE ACTION! A common result of feeling frustrated keeps people from taking any action. You need to do the exact opposite and continue to take action… in fact, take MASSIVE action and step it up a notch again using it as a driving force to succeed no matter what! Thomas Edison said, “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” Never give up on your dreams.

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