How to Get a Backlink on a .edu Website

backlink to a edu websiteToday I’m going to show you how to get a backlink on a .edu website that has a high page rank.

Over the past week, I’ve shown different ways to get high quality backlinks to your website to make it more authoritive for the eyes of major search engines like Google.

Again, backlinks helps your website ranks in those search engines, which in turn gets you more traffic to expose yourself, your business, and/or the products and services you offer.

Traditionally, .edu websites have higher page rankings than other websites. Obviously, .edu is abbreviated for “education” and most education website are super legit, which allows for the higher rankings search engines.

You can tap into these .edu websites and create a powerful backlink to your own website. My friend and business partner Mike show you step-by-step on how to get a backlink on a .edu website.

Click here to go to the featured .edu website to create your own profile. View my own profile I set up today!

This is another easy, simple and powerful way to drive traffic to your website and get higher page ranks in search engines.

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