How To Get Cheap Leads Even While You’re Sleeping

How To Get Cheap Leads

Want to know how to get cheap leads? In the video below I reveal exactly how I do just that… I’m going to share with you the source I’m using, the ad copy, the keywords I’m targeting, and my results. Check it out below…



To get your own account on 7Search, just go to and sign up as an advertiser. You can get started for as little as $25 and pay as little as one cent clicks.  Make sure you subscribe to my blog because I plan on providing some free training on how to use 7Search so you don’t have to waste precious time (and money) trying to figure it out.

UPDATE: I recorded the video early Sunday morning, not soon after that my family and I went to church for three hours. During church I got four more leads and today alone I got nine. Since I started this advertising campaign I’ve received 119 clicks to my ad averaging about $0.26 per click and I’ve received 18 leads, which is over a 15% opt-in rate!

How To Get Cheap Leads

Again, 119 clicks, 18 leads, over 15% opt-in rate… I could do this all day! My entire goals with this ad campaign was to get leads because I know a certain percentage of those leads will join my team at the $25 level…

…and I know that certain percentage of those that join at the $25 level will upgrade to other products later on by making me more money and raising my overall customer value. This campaign – in my eyes – has been a complete success and well with the cost.

Now that I know this ad works, I’ll be using it on other advertising platforms to get even better results and quality of traffic like using Bing PPC and Facebook Ads. This is just the beginning!

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