How to Handle Spousal Objection in Network Marketing

how to handle spousal objection in network marketingIn most cases, spousal objection in network marketing is common…a good chunk of people starting their own business usually have a spouse that doesn’t agree…

…which is why I think a lot of people quit!

Having a supportive spouse is key to be successful in ANY network marketing company.

But just how to does one handle spousal objection in network marketing?

Successful, multi-million dollar network marketing, Tim Sales says, “One could perhaps attempt to argue this out, but all arguments fall to this one statement: Who else is to blame? One can try to put the blame on their spouse – or someone else for that matter – but that’s lame. A person being controlled by someone else has to agree to be controlled.

Here’s your plan to handle spousal objection in network marketing:

  1. Be the prospect’s teammate and help them focus on what they need, want and don’t want.
  2. Clarify the real objection. Find out the why behind their spouse “not letting them do it.”
  3. Don’t EVER tell the prospect that their spouse’s “not letting them do it” objection is self-imposed.
  4. Don’t pretend the spousal objection will just go away. Be compassionate and understanding. Help them look at the problem and overcome it. Determine exactly what “the objection” is and deal with it.
  5. Be sincere and compassionate through the conversation.

Will this help you overcome the spousal objection every time? Not at all, but it will give you some ammo for one of the toughest objections out there.

Have you ever addressed the spousal objection? What did you do? Share your comments below.

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