How to Turn Nothing into Something

turn nothing into somethingHow to turn nothing into something

…is such a thing even possible?

The concept alone is difficult to wrap our minds around and probably leaves us asking more questions than getting answers…

…but it is possible.

Jim Rohn shares with us how to turn nothing into something:

How to Turn Nothing Into Something

  1. Have a Good Idea. Good ideas + inspiration and imagine/visualize it already into fruition.
  2. Believe and Have Faith. You need to believe and have faith of what you imagine from your inspirational idea.
  3. Take Massive Action. Go to work and make it happen. Having an idea and faith does nothing without taking action…make a plan and implement it immediately.
  4. Disciplined Action. You need to follow the plan consistently with discipline to make it happen. Do the work.
  5. Appreciate the Disciplines. This is the miracle piece of the process. Know the hard work will create nothing into something.

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