How to Use Instagram to Generate Leads and Signups For Your Business

Use Instagram to generate leadsAre you on Instagram?

A fellow team member, Darren, brought up some interesting things about Instagram the other day that surprised me.

I’ll be the first to admit…

…I heard about Instagram a long time ago, signed up for an account, uploaded a few pictures and made them look ‘vintage.’

But I really didn’t see why people were SO gung-ho about it. I mean, we already have Pinterest… Do we really need another site to share photos?

Then I found out some of these EYE-OPENING stats like…

…over 150 million users
…16 billion photos share, and
…1 billion likes happening each day!

Yes. Billions.

This photo-sharing and editing platform is one of the most engaging social media sites on the Internet today – hands down. If you think the stats above is enough to start using Instagram what about over 70% of users logging in very single day?

I was pleasantly shocked because in our business – in YOUR business – the first thing you need is an AUDIENCE. You need people who are aware, on high alert and ENGAGED with a platform…

…then you can insert yourself in the middle of the pack and share you message.

This is super powerful stuff here my friend and you can be sure I’ll be using this more for marketing, but I’ve realized something – I know if you approach this platform and you’re all over the map with no clear plan of action, you’re toast.

You may as well quit before you start. But there’s good news for you (and me) because if I’m going to use Instagram now, I need to know WHO is getting results.

That is where Nicole and Lisa come in.

Nicole’s been able to get over 2,000 LEADS and over 32 NEW Sign Ups into her network marketing business… ALL FROM INSTAGRAM!

You can say she’s got it down to a SCIENCE.

And tonight (January 8, 2014) Lisa is going to drill her about the specific ways you can instantly create traffic to ANY business or product you want (and make sales).

I’m calling this “Insta-PROFITS” and you’re invited to eavesdrop on their conversation. Here’s my little spiff about it…

8:00pm EST / 5:00pm PST tonight January 8, 2014

Join Our Team Here

On this FREE training webinar you’ll discover:

==>> The SIMPLE basic formula to get leads on Instagram…

==>> How to start a profile from scratch. If you’re new or have limited tech skills this is for you, but even if you’re advanced, most people do this step completely wrong causing your lead-flow to grind to a screeching halt.

==>> How using simple hashtags to attract hot buyers to your photos and increase engagement… (hashtags are when you put a # before a topic… like #instprofitgram.

And the most important of all…

==>> How to find your best audience so you’re speaking to the RIGHT people.


I’m excited about his… Finally something different that’s getting PROVEN results.

See you there!

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P.S. Here’s a cool “paid” product to teach you how to turn your Instagram hobby into a money making machine… That is if you don’t want the free training as laid out above. Click here to learn more.

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