How to Use Jing

About a month ago I was referred by a trusted business partner to use the FREE software known as Jing. He actually suggested I use it months before, but I never took the time to look in to it because I didn’t know how to use Jing. I finally decided to try it and am totally in LOVE!

You can use Jing to capture an image of what you see on your screen or record up to 5-minutes of onscreen video! The image quality rocks and is superb when creating image ads for Craigslist (the main reason I downloaded it). It is super simple to use and allows for online picture storage to easily reference. Check out this 3-minute video on how to download and use Jing.

Send your screenshots all over the web. With Jing, you can add an image to your blog, or instantly share your captures through IM, email and more. Share your Jing screenshots on: Screencast, flicker, Facebook, and Twitter. It’s totally free and a must have…give it a try today!

Remember, YOU have the CHOICE to make it a GREAT day!

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