How to Craft Your Major Definite Purpose

What's your Major Definite Purpose?

When it comes to goals in our lives they need to have a purpose. As Napoleon Hills put it, we need a “Major Definite Purpose” to write down and repeat every day to aid in accomplishing our goals.

The Major Definite Purpose can and should be used in ALL areas of our lives we wish to improve upon…health, spirituality, wealth, and social just to name a few. We need a clear defined goal/purpose with specific details for it to be most effective…

…but where do we start?

How do you craft a Major Definite Purpose?

My friend and business partner Mike, put together this 10-minute video on how to craft your major definite purpose.

It can actually be done is 6 easy steps! And you know what? Most people won’t do it and this is what sets most people apart from being successful or always living with failure.

Click To Download a Sample Fill In The Blank Major Definite Purpose PDF

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