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Email Marketing System

Get GetResponseIf you are building a business online, you need an email marketing system platform. This will give you the ability to capture emails and build your email list.

Your email list is your most valuable possession as an Internet Marketer.

GetResponse is a complete email marketing solution. It provides turnkey newsletter publishing and hosting features, as well as unlimited follow-up autoresponders to deliver information to your subscribers and convert them to paying customers.

GetResponse offers a free one month trial and monthly plans start at $15 per month for up to 1.000 subscribers. CLICK HERE to start your free trial with GetResponse

GoDaddy Domains

Get Your Own Domain NameAs mentioned above, any serious Internet Marketer needs their own domain name to promote their blog, business, or product.

Having your own domain helps you look and appear as a professional (i.e. your blog address is instead of

In addition to looking more professional, it’s a lot easier to remember and to share with other people. Become the Master of Your Domain and CLICK HERE to get your own domain name.

Website Hosting – HostGator

Website Hosting - HostGatorSooner (rather than later) you’re gonna need your own website domain and a place to host those domains.

You’ll want your own personal domain (i.e. to set up some kind of blog and also domain to host your landing pages.

Host Gator is a great option and a great price. You can get unlimited domain hosting and bandwidth for less than five bucks a month. CLICK HERE to get Host Gator.

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