Meet Evan

Well hello there! Welcome to my blog!

I’m both humble and thankful that you clicked on this page to find out a little bit about me and my story…

…it’s awesome to meet you! ๐Ÿ™‚

As you go through the content on my blog, you’ll find valuable information and principles on mindset, principles on marketing, and online wealth solutions.

But first, here’s a little bit of…

Where I Come From

Where I Come From...I was born & raised in small tight knit community in Southeastern Idaho called Rexburg.

Even though I don’t live there any longer, I still call it my home.

But now I am happily living about 4 hours south in Springville, Utah. Which is also a small tight knit community… (that’s probably why I like it here).

I come from ‘goodly parents’ and a large family. In fact, I’m the sixth child of seven…

…with four older brothers, an older and younger sister you can imagine that our household was somewhat crazy!

I still don’t know how my mom did it.

Growing up you can consider my family ‘middle-class’ and never really thought we didn’t have enough. There was always food on the table, clothes to wear and nice warm comfortable beds to sleep in.

My Desire to Be Rich

But I learned from an early age about money and knew that you needed it to buy things. And I wanted things that my parents wouldn’t buy so from a very young age I endeavors for ways to make money.

The first way I earned money was ‘watering the trees’ – my dad had planted nearly a hundred new trees on our 1-acre property and they needed to be watered 2-3 times a week, which was very time consuming.

I willingly did this chore for a small return of money.

When I was between the ages of 10-13 I built my own snow cone shack and sold snow cones to the neighborhood children during the summer months using Kool-Aid as flavoring…

…my first true entrepreneur endeavor!

As I got a little older my desire to ‘get rich’ was still burning inside me and got involved with a mail order scheme (didn’t know it was a scheme at the time) and then was later entranced my infomercial king Don Lapre…

…I bought his Making Money package on how to turn one tiny classified ads that made a $30-$40 profit and take that same tiny classified ad and place it in over 3000 newspapers across the country…

How to Get Better Grades in School

I never fully got that venture off the ground because I was lacking one important thing – a product to sell.

But in high school I created my first info product for this purpose – “How to Get Better Grades in School.” I actually still have it! Snapped a picture of it with me up above…

…if you look closely, I even had a business name at the time, “E.D.S. Enterprises”! I was a junior in high school! It was a great little product and put a lot of research, time and effort into it. I even had it professionally bound.

But when I turned it in for my assignment, the teacher gave me a less than satisfactory grade because it “wasn’t what she was looking for” in the assignment…

…I knew from that point that there was a difference between an employee (like a teacher) and a business owner…

And I wanted to be a business owner.

At the time, after the feedback from my teacher, I became discouraged and put my entrepreneur endeavors in the drawer and continued to take the advice from everyone around me…

…get good grades, go to college so you can get a good job with benefits and live ‘happily ever after.’

It wasn’t until I was in college and took a called on “Small Business Management” where the fire was ignited within me because the whole class was focused on becoming a business owner and being an entrepreneur.

One of our assignments was to create a product as a team and sell it. That’s when I came up with the idea of the ‘Party Dice’ the game.

The Party Dice Game

The ‘Party Dice’ was a huge success! Our team manufactured 50 of the games and went door-to-door selling them to other college kids for five bucks a pop. We sold all of them.

My teacher gave me the encouragement and on the report he wrote, “I’ve already started manufacturing these in China. Sorry.” But he also said, “Great idea! It will take some time & effort to build a presence.”

I even went as far as researching different manufacturers and sent them design specs and received quotes, but another discouraging blow came when the pricing came back and the required order of at least 10,000 parts.

So it too, went back in the drawer.

Marriage & Three Kids Later…

Fast forward 13 years I’m married and have three kids. The previous 13 years were spent working for ‘the man’ and went from job to job. I continued to trade my time for money, but deep in my heart that desire to be my own boss was still there.

Evan & Kristel ScoresbyI first met Kristel (my wife) around September 1999 in Chicago. We were both serving missions for our Church. I was just about to come home after nearly serving two years and she was still fairly new in the mission field.

When I got home, I continued to write and keep in contact with her. She knew my intention of ‘pursuing’ her when she got home, but country dancing girls and an ex-fiancรฉe later was enough to get me distracted for six years before Kristel finally saw the light and agreed to marry me.

Kristel has been the greatest blessing in my life and continues to be to this day. She has blessed me with three beautiful children. At the time of this writing, my daughter Aleah is 5, my son Joshua is 4, and my newborn baby boy Sean is almost 6 months old!

Evan & Kristel Scoresby Family Photo

These kids are my pride and joy and absolutely love being a father. It’s difficult (very difficult), but through it all has come some of the most happiness I’ve experienced in this life.