My NBC’s Revolution Review

my nbc's revolution reviewA couple of days ago I was browsing around the “To Do List” on my TiVo unit and noticed that some of my favorite shows were starting up next week…

…Fringe and Once Upon a Time.

I got the recommendation from my sister to watch a new show called Revolution on NBC. I had remembered seeing previews about it, and remembering I need to set that up to record…yah, it didn’t happen.

Come to find out they already had two episodes that were aired! Good thing for the Internet and was able to watch the pilot episode last night, and the second one this morning…

I’m hooked.

The show reminds me of the book, “One Second After” by William R. Forstchen. “One Second After” is the story of a man’s struggle to save his family and his small North Carolina town after America loses a war that sends our nation back to the Dark Ages. A war lost because of a terrifying weapon, an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP). It basically turned the lights out on America in one second.

The opening of NBC’s Revolution showed this same thing happen…lights out, but not just for America, but for the entire planet! As far as we know so far it wasn’t due to any war or conflict, it just happened.

nbcs revolutionBut just imagine for a second, everything just suddenly not working…all electricity gone. Vehicles stop, power goes out, planes drop out of the sky, water stops pumping, mass panic, etc. The book definitely raises some eye brows and brings to the a forefront of your mind of “what if” and how prepared are we in case of some type of emergency.

NBC’s Revolution goes along the lines of a different story, but visualizes it where we can get a better picture in our mind of the aftermath of something like that happening.

End of the world/Apocalypse movies and books have always intrigued me, but it also scares me at the same time. I would never want to have to go through something like that, but at the same time I can’t help but to prepare for it.

If it’s not the end of the world, it could be some other emergency like a natural disaster or economic meltdown. What would you do? How long would you last with the food in your pantry?

Emergency preparedness has jumped up to the top priority in my household. Even if we don’t have to use it, just to have it will bring such a peace of mind that I can focus on other things.

So I’m definitely hooked on NBC’s Revolution and plan to continue to watch it and see how it all unfolds. Click here to go to NBC’s website and watch the full episodes to catch up.

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  1. Uh…yeah. I’ve played this RPG before in various incarnations. Can’t believe the world is coming over to the ‘Nerd’ side. Whatever works I suppose.

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