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I got started in network marketing just over a year ago and joined up with a company that I had high hopes and very optimistic but ended up losing a lot of money. It was just too expensive to stay involved and didn’t have the time required to make it happen.

I didn’t want to give up on network marketing and believe in the business model and see the potential and hoped and prayed I would find a vehicle that wasn’t broken. In November 2011 I found it and joined ranks with One24 on December 1, 2012.

One24 is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before and there are five things or reasons WHY I decided to quit my previous company and put my full heart into One24.


For under $70 per month I own my own business. There’s no huge start up costs, no inventory, and I end up saving more money than I spend!


There’s a 12-24 retirement plan with a max income potential of 100-200K per month! This is pure residual income. Even if I only achieve ten percent of the plan design, I’m still making a very good retirement income.


The time commitment is a fraction of what the previous company required! Anyone can be success with this business only working an hour per week! If you can help just one person a month you’ll be able to retire in 24 months.


Our team retention rate after twelve months is 87%! Compare that to the average of 20%. Twenty-percent is like trying to fill a bucket with water with holes. You need to keep putting water in to keep it full…once you stop, no more water.


We ALL build together as a company! I definitely don’t feel alone and have multiple avenues and resources to get instant access and answers to questions I have…the support is amazing! The compensation plan is unique in and of itself and get paid on EVERYONE that comes in after you regardless of who referred them. It’s beautiful.

All this being said, One24 is becoming my pipeline of money. For the last three months, my income has doubled and am still on track to retire within the next 12-18 months! Within our team, we promote One24 as our primary business, but we also have other pipelines of money that all work together to completely maximize earning potential!

I highly urge you to take a look at One24 by going to and see for yourself what thousands of others see as their road to retirement!

Remember, YOU have the CHOICE to make it a GREAT day!

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