My “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” Review

Buy Rich Dad, Poor DadTwo words: EYE OPENER! This was the first time I really connected the concept of

    having money work for me instead of me working for money.

    Robert Kiyosaki explains that he grew up with two dad’s that had completely different views when it came to money. His poor dad, told him that he needed to go to school, get good grades, find a good secure job with benefits, and then enjoy retirement after 40 years. In other words, going to work to make money.

    His rich dad educated him on how to make money work for him by building businesses and investing. Jim Rohn explained the difference between rich people and poor people:

    The rich invest their money and spend what is left;
    the poor spend their money and invest what is left.

    In the back of my mind I already knew this, but Mr. Kiyosaki explains it in such a way that it just makes sense and inspired me that maybe there’s more in life than working at a j.o.b. for the next 30 years. Maybe there’s a way that I could make money work for me.

    If you’re like me, I don’t have a lot of money to invest. That’s why Robert Kiyosaki likes and recommends network marketing so much…he himself explains it in the video below:

    Why Robert Kiyosaki Recommends Network Marketing

    Robert Kiyosaki used to be against network marketing, but as he looked more into it his mind was changed. He liked how there is usually a small investment that allows you to go from an employee to a business owner with unlimited income potential on a residual basis. Meaning, money is working for you instead of you working for money.

    Overall, I loved the book and refer to it often and highly recommend it. Pick up a copy here.
    Definitely worth the eight bucks. You can also check out the network marketing company I’m with here.

    Remember, only YOU have the CHOICE to make it a GREAT day!

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