MyPCBackup Review

It’s not a matter of IF, it’s a matter of WHEN! One day your computer will crash and ALL OF YOUR FILES WILL BE LOST! Without MyPCBackup, it would be near impossible to recover your important files.

It’s a different world than even a decade ago. Everything is digital and furthermore, we store and save everything in digital format and the most common medium is our our computer.

My computer crashing has happened to me twice. Each time I lost very important files and documents, but what was most heartbreaking was family photos that I will NEVER get back. I needed a new solution and found MyPCBackup.

There are many companies that offer to to backup your computer and looked into many, but never pulled the trigger until yesterday with MyPCBackup. Not only was I way over due for backing up my computer, but wanted to relieve a little bit of stress knowing that if anything happened, I could simply recover my files.

MyPCBackup Review

It was super easy to get started, set it up, and backup my files. So easy in fact that I second guessed if I did it right! All I did was GO TO THEIR WEBSITE, entered my full name, email address, and password. I then clicked the “Sign Up, It’s FREE” button and the system pretty much did the rest.

From there, a nice pretty MyPCBackup virtual assistant explained what I should do next to immediately start backing up my computer. The free service only comes with 15MB to backup your data and was never my intention to just try it free. I immediately upgraded to the unlimited service. It starts at $6.95 per month and was really a no-brainer for me and the plethora of information I need backed up.

If you have multiple computers to backup, like me, you’ll be given an option to add them on at a discount. I couldn’t believe how simple and easy the process was to get setup and protected. I can now rest assured that my files are safe and secure in the event of any catastrophe!

MyPCBackup Bonus (must read)

Not only does MyPCBackup offer a great service, but they also offer an incentive for telling other people about it! Have you ever went to an amazing restaurant and you told all of your friends about it and many of them went based on your recommendation? Wouldn’t it be cool if that restaurant gave you money anytime you referred something to eat there?! Well, MyPCBack does just that.

It’s called a CPA (i.e. Cost Per Action). MyPCBackup has a KILLER CPA! You can literally make $120 for any person that signs up by only purchasing a $10 product or less! Yes, that’s right…$120!

Let’s put this in perspective, if you tell one person a day about this offer you would make $3,600 in a month. Two people per day, $7,200! Isn’t that amazing?!


What are you waiting for? Backup your computer and start making money with the program!

Remember, YOU have the CHOICE to make it a GREAT day!

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