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We’ve all been there…wake up in the morning, grab that cup of coffee (for me it was a Morning Mountain Dew) to give us that boost we needed in the morning.

By lunch time we’ve downed another Mountain Dew or Coke and have another for good measure.

A few hours later we experience the “afternoon crash” and this time make a run to the closet gas station and fill up a 32 oz. beverage with lots of caffeine.

By the day is over we’ve pummeled our bodies with 64 oz. of carbonated soft drinks and energy drinks that don’t do us any good except a temporary “high.”

This was me. I often thought there’s gotta be a better way? Well there is…


One week ago I went cold turkey on all my Mountain Dew and Pepsi and started using NatraBoost. Just one serving the morning when I woke up was all I needed to get through the day!

A couple of days ago my wife asked me if I’ve had any soda the past week and my answer was no. She then said, “That’s weird, I haven’t heard you complain about any headaches.”

She was right! Usually after just a day of no caffeine I would get these massive headaches and usually succumbed to another Mountain Dew to ease the throbbing pain, but it didn’t even cross my mind (no pun intended) that I hadn’t experienced them…because they weren’t there!

NatraBoost took care of it for me! Not to mention I was now drinking over 120 oz. of water every day!

What is NatraBoost?

NatraBoost is an all natural concentrated blend of ionic trace minerals, essential vitamins, fruits and herbs. NatraBoost provides an herbal nutritional increase in energy, rather than the jitters that many energy products cause.

Not only that, it helps curb hunger, improves metabolism, enhances sports performance, improves mental clarity, supports immune function, helps removes toxins, and more!

If I had to guestimate, with all of my gas station runs, 2-liter purchases, and 12-packs at home I was spending over $50 a month…in SODA POP! I shifted that expenditure to NatraBoost, a more healthy solution. I didn’t drink like Monster Energy Drinks or Red Bulls, but many people do…they are more expensive and could easily get to over $100 a month!

I’ve been very happy with NatraBoost and has become a staple in my home. By the way, all the soda I used to have took up so much refrigerator space and this 3″ little bottle of NatraBoost fits comfortable on a shelf taking up hardly any space.

To see ALL the details on NatraBoost and to
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