Nature’s Greatest Miracle

Nature's Greatest MiracleIn the past when ever something “weird” happened to me or my family that was health related I would always refer to us a Freak of Nature…

…recently I’ve changed perspective and now believe I am Nature’s Greatest Miracle.

Let’s go back in time several months to November 2011.

One day I started noticing in the vision of my right eye a “cloudy strip.” I wear contacts and when I don’t clean them often enough that sometimes happens.

I didn’t really pay attention to it and thought it’d go away on it’s own.

After a few days it was still there. So I took out my contacts, gave them a good cleaning, put them back in…the cloudy vision was still there.

It must be the contact then I decided! I took them out threw them away and put in new ones…the coudly vision was still there.

Okay, so it’s not the contacts or the whole package was messed up. I took them out, and just started using my glasses…the cloudy vision was still there. It didn’t matter if my contacts or glasses were being used or not!

I finally narrowed it down, something was definitely obstructing my vision in the eye itself. I just brushed it off as another incident of being a freak of nature and figured it’d figure itself out on it’s own and would clear up in a few days.

A few days passed and still it wasn’t getting better…in fact it was getting worse!

I started complaining so much about it that my wife said I should probably get it checked out or suggested it was a “detached retina.” I’m like most typical guys…I don’t ask for directions or go to the doctor right?

But I decided to hop on WebMD (first mistake) and looked up the definition of a detached retina…“When part or all of the retina comes off (detaches from) the back of the eye…It can cause blurred or lost vision. Retinal detachment requires immediate medical care.”

The next thing I know I’m on the phone with my eye doctor scheduling an emergency appointment with him the next day.

To make a long story short, I was diagnosed with a “Branch Retina Vein Occlusion” and was referred to a specialist for care. I met with him the next day.

When a vein in the eye experiences a blockage, this is a retinal vein occlusion, which can cause decreased and distorted vision. Basically blood was coming into my eye just fine, but had a hard time going out and started to hemorrhage causing the blurred vision.

My eye specialist said that there’s one treatment to help the effects…injecting a shot of medicine called Avistan into the eye to decrease the swelling. Avistan is a drug that developed and approved for the treatment of cancer, but apparently works well on this type of condition.

Since November 2011 I’ve been getting a needle poked into my eye injecting this medicine and will continue for another 12-18 months or more. The medicine does it’s job and stays in my system for 4-5 weeks and like clock work, cloudy vision comes back every time. But what’s amazing is that my vision is restored in the meantime.

A couple of month ago, as my doctor was giving me the shot, another vein was punctured which caused my eye to bleed out…the entire white part of my eye filled with blood making me look like a zombie, but amazingly didn’t interfere with my vision.

It cleared up on it’s own 2-3 weeks later, but was definitely quite a scare as you can imagine.

I am Nature’s Greatest Miracle.

Yesterday, I went in for my monthly shot and the doctor noticed something interesting happening within my eye. “Shunts” were forming and making an appearance.

The doctor said the body, especially the eye, is an amazing thing. Over time it will find a way to correct itself…either repair the damage or find a way around it. That’s what these “shunts” are doing.

“Shunts” are these tiny new blood vessels that have formed to reroute the flow of blood leaving my eye since the point of blockage cannot be repaired.

It’s a good thing, and I should see a faster recovery and eventually not need the shot in my eye much longer.

I am Nature’s Greatest Mircale!

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  1. You are being blessed! We will continue to pray for you and all others in the Scoresby Family who need everyone’s prayers at this time.

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