Pre-Launch of Day 1

Day 1

On June 20, 2012 I posted about how my primary business, One24 Online LLC revealed a sister company called Day 1. Little details were given at the time and over the past few weeks the company continues to reveal more including the pre-launch of Day 1.

Day 1 is a charity-based sister company to One24. By being part of Day 1 you will be able to choose your favorite charity, decide to give up to 10% of your Day 1 earnings, and Day 1 matches your donation each month!

Also, it’s not very often to be part of a network marketing company at the very beginning! This is your opportunity to lock down the top positions and enjoy the profit sharing benefits…especially those already members of One24. The pre-launch of Day 1 will first be made available for those already in One24.

Insider Placement for Pre-Launch of Day 1

From July 15-31, 2012, the One24 ordering PCs will have the first option to opt-in to Day 1. Since Day 1 has a profit-sharing component, you get shares on everyone who joins Day 1 after you. Do not delay! To qualify for your shares (your FREE money), you need only refer 1 person to Day 1!

But first you need to be part of One24, click here to join my waiting list, and I’ll find you a spot before the 15th! Call me immediately at 801-839-4124 and leave me a message.

You will have a 15-day jump on the rest of the world and secure your lineage. Plus as an insider, you’ll get 50% off your first order and 25% off each monthly auto-ship order for the first year!

Official National Pre-Launch of Day 1

From August 1-30, 2012 Day 1 will be open for 5,000 people only! Open to United States to lock in their position for FREE and will need to make the decision to join by the end of August.

From September 1-30, 2012 enrollment opens again, but again is limited to 5,000 people only.

A global tidal wave is ready to hit! You are one of the few who has this information. What you choose to do now can change your financial status and your charity’s financial status, forever! Now is the time to be a part of One24! Join my waiting list NOW to reserve your place for Day 1. Only a few more days until the pre-launch of Day 1!

Remember, YOU have the CHOICE to make it a GREAT day!

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