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private pinterest boardNot too long ago Pinterest announced that it’s users can now create a Private Pinterest Board.

For those newbies, a Pinterest board is a set of pins. A board can be created on any topic like Cool Posters, Quotes, Wishlist, and more. A pin is an image added to your Pinterest board.

Up until now, all Pinterest boards were public domain to all of your followers. Now you can create up to three Private Pinterest Boards!

How to Create a Private Pinterest Board

How to Use a Private Pinterest Board

Using a Private Pinterest Board can be for personal use or business use.

PERSONAL – use the private board as a Gift List, a Vision Board where you pin pictures of your goals and aspirations in life, or create a board for just you and your significant other to share pins privately to each other.

BUSINESS – use the private board to share ideas with your team, inspiration for future posts, or keeping an eye on competitors. Pinterest is becoming one the fastest growing social Internet mediums that companies are using to build their business.

One of the coolest things about the Private Pinterest Board is that it can be kept totally private just for you, or you can invite other people to be part of your secret board. As the creator, you have complete control on the content.

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