Prosperity Proclamations

To prosper greatly, you must be a pro, a real professional– a professional thinker who knows how to control his or her thinking to ingest, digest and egress exclusively prosperity thoughts. The law of mind is that what you think about, comes about. A mind moored to right prosperous thinking and right prosperous action guarantees right prosperous results–RIGHT HERE AND RIGHT NOW!

Every individual has the greatest power of all, the power to choose how he or she is going to think, act and react to situations, circumstances and people. We create our own destinies in our minds. It’s in our minds that we must be disciplined to dwell exclusively on expanding our and everyone else’s prosperity.

The following are some “Prosperity Proclamations” to help you get in the proper mindset. Repeat these aloud to yourself each and every day. A minimum of once per day, better yet several times a day. Having these prosperity proclamations at the forefront of your mind will eventually seek expression through some physical means.

prosperity proclamations

The law of opulence is this: visualize, verbalize and feelingly believe in your progressive opulence and you shall have it.

Where your attention goes, your energy flows. Change your thinking (cause) and you will change your results (effect).

Recite these prosperity proclamations everyday and be on your was to a prosperous life!

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Remember, YOU have the CHOICE to make it a GREAT day!


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