Slain by the Tongue

slain by the tongueThe tongue, although one of the smallest members of our body, has slain more people than all the armies that have marched upon the earth. Countless multitudes have been victim to its slashing remarks. Psychologically, lives have been destroyed by the tongue.

In just a matter of seconds a person’s life can be crushed by this all-powerful instrument. Scripture tells us that the tongue has the ability, if not controlled, to issue out poison. If a tongue is not bridled, that poison will enter into the mainstream of a life and deaden it.

The tongue has the ability to determine the fulfillment or unfulfillment of our dreams. What we say has a great impact upons what we actually do. The person who says, “I can’t do it” is defeated even before he begins. He is slain by his own tongue!

“The person who says, ‘I can’t do it’
is defeated even before he begins.”

One saying goes, “what you confess, you possess.” If a person frequently repeats that he is sick, chance are he will actually become sick. Mind in cooperation with the tongue can actually bring something to pass.

The tongue has implanted doubt, fear, discouragement into the lives of many dreamers. Many times those around us–our friends, neighbors, families, destroy our dreams. Without realizing it they lessen our chances of success. A person who cannot control is tongue is a person who has no constructive goals. His life is one of misery and he preys on the dreams and goals of others.

You can also be the victim of your own tongue. Self-limiting beliefs and affirmations has more power over you than the tongue of others. You can be slain by the tongue. You can poison yourself. That is why it is important to remember one piece of advice: Put your mind in gear before you talk.

Think about what you are going to say and how it will affect those to whom you are addressing yourself. Your tongue is second in command. First of all, the mind legislates what we say and do. Then the mind puts our tongue into gear.

A person who cannot control his tongue is a person who probably will not succeed in life. His tongue not only destroys his personal chances for success, but also slashes the dreams of others.

Confessing that you cannot do something is the mark of a loser. Confession brings possession, and in that case, brings bitter disappointment.

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