How I Start My Day (It’s a Blast!)

Almost every day I make myself a health shake/drink using two products called NatraBurst and NatraBoost. When I combine them together it’s a NatraBLAST! These two products contain over 30 fruits and vegetables and are packed full of essential vitamins and minerals that the body desperately needs.

I recorded a little video of myself on how I make this health shake/drink. This is one of my first video blog so forgive me of its unprofessionalism and the brief interruption of my son Joshua. Overall I think it turned okay, but you’ll be the judge of that…

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2 thoughts on “How I Start My Day (It’s a Blast!)

  1. Cool video Evan! Natra Burst is absolutely AMAZING!!! We’re trying the Natra Boost this month and can’t wait! I can see why you call it Natra Blast! That’s a lot of phenomenal stuff in one shake! Great stuff! Joshua is a cutie patootie! So funny! Great job!

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