Steve Scoresby: Brother and Mentor

Not only is Steve Scoresby my eldest brother, but he is also my business partner and mentor.

From a young age, I have always looked up to my other brother and followed his guidance, wisdom, and advice in many areas of my life. In fact, I attribute some of my “turning point” decisions because of the counsel he gave me…for the better.

Steve has always been an entrepreneur. He’s never been one to be tied down to a j.o.b. and loves doing his own thing. Undoubtedly, his entrepreneurial personality must have rubbed off on me because as far as I can remember I’ve always been doing something myself to make money.

For the past ten plus years, Steve has run his own business selling supplemental insurance and is very successful. The Internet and network marketing has always attracted him and has been endeavoring to make money online for the past four to five years.

Like me, he has tried many things and in November 2011 found a network marketing company that was unlike anything he had ever seen before and just knew that it was “the one.” The next month, I also signed up and became his business partner in One24. Since then, we have learned together in this new business venture and applied the things we learned and have seen results and success! In fact, we are both making money each month and our checks continue to increase month after month.

We continue to support each other in our own entrepreneurial endeavors. Steve explains this in a recent blog post of his own. He is a great leader, mentor, business partner, and brother. I often look to him for advice and wanted to give him a shout out and thank him for the positive influence in my life!

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