Super Secrets of Super Achievers

Are you a super achiever?

In the business section of my local newspaper I came across an article by Harvey Mackay entitled, “Super Secrets to Becoming a Super Achiever” and found it valuable enough to share the information.

Harvey interviewed Darren Hardy, publisher of SUCCESS Magazine. Darren is in a the rare position to interview the most celebrated achievers on the planet to discover how they have created their extraordinary success. Astute SUCCESS readers use the advice to achieve more and lead greater fulfilling lives.

Darren’s message, three productivity secrets of super achievers, was a real eye opener.

The first one might surprise you, because so many people want to know what successful individuals do to create great results, but the answer is just the opposite. It’s not what they do at all – it’s what they don’t do, according to Darren.

Saying “yes” is easy, he said. There’s no hassle in saying yes. The master skill, however is saying “no.” No is hard because it can cause conflict in relationships.

“For every 100 great opportunities that are brought before me, I say ‘no’ 99 times.” -Warren Buffet

Darren asked Steve Jobs, “Of all the things that you have built and created, that have changed the world, what are you and Apple most proud of?” His answer was, “I’m as proud of what we don’t do as I am of what we do.”

Distinction number two of super achievers is to learn to focus on the vital few. I have talked about this before of the importance of not taking on too much at one time. Darren said, “A lot of us try to become master of many thing. We try to be great at a lot of things, and as a result, we don’t ever become world-class at a few things.

Back to Steve Jobs. He learned when he was running Pixar that there’s great power in working on just one big thing at a time. When you can get your whole staff (or team) to focus on one thing, their creativity is off the charts. That’s why Jobs and Apple did one thing at a time. They did the iPod, then the iPhone, then the iPad and then retail.

The final distinction of super achievers, according to Darren, is that they’ve developed unconscious habits of success. As Aristotle said, “We are what we repeatedly do.”

When you repeat an activity over and over, the reason it becomes an unconscious habit is it develops what’s called a neurosignature. It actually burns a brain groove. Every time you do something, it continues to reinforce this brain groove, and we come what we practice the most.

Just by applying these principles will help you be more successful in whatever endeavor you do!

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