Living the Abundant Life

Are you living the abundant life? I’m a firm believer of finding truth from many different sources… …our spirit has a way of deciphering what is truth and what isn’t. Truth can be found from many different people, organization, religions, Continue reading Living the Abundant Life

How to Use Affirmations to Make More Money

Affirmations is the first step to make more money… …taking action is the next by clicking below: If you like this post, please leave your comment below or share with your friends on your favorite social media sites. Remember, YOU Continue reading How to Use Affirmations to Make More Money

Self-Limiting Beliefs

Are you being held back from progessing by having self-limiting beliefs? Don’t know what it is? Let me illustrate by sharing a story… Every day I interact with a lot of people and had a conversation with a 91 year Continue reading Self-Limiting Beliefs