The Next Four Years

the next four yearsThe 2012 Presidential Election is all but over, and as I listen to the commentaries from all the news pundits my mind is looking forward to the next four years.

Up until about five years ago, I never really paid much attention to politics or the issues of the day. And at the beginning of this year I made a decision to root out of all the negativity of my life because I began a quest of self-improvement and personal development…

…Listening to the news and talk radio all the time was just one of the negative things I rooted out and didn’t focus on what was happening in Washington D.C. I feel that it’s important for every American to be aware of the issues, where the people we elected to represent us stand, and make an informed decision upon election day.

With that being said, I still kept myself somewhat in the loop to stay up to date on the bare necessities so I could make that informed decision as I waiting in line to cast my vote.

Now that the election is over, and America’s “leader” is decided for the next four years, I have made a decision on where my focus will be centralized during this time…

The Next Four Years

…it’s time to turn off the news.
…it’s time to turn off talk radio.
…it’s time to stop wishing things to change.
…it’s time to stop focusing on the past.

The Next Four Years

…it’s time to read read uplifting material inspire and develop my mind.
…it’s time to listen to positive audio programs to motivate me.
…it’s time for me to change in order for things to change.
it’s time to focus on building my fortune for the next four years.


It’s happening even now…

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“Be strong and be of good courage, and do it!” (1 Chronicles 28:20)

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Remember, YOU have the CHOICE to make it a GREAT day!


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