The POWER of a VIRAL Video

It all starts with ONE person shooting a video using their digital camera or cell phone. Once the video is recorded, it takes a few minutes to upload on YouTube and it is then shared with a friend. That friend tells five friends, those five tell five, those twenty-five show five…you can see where this is going. The power of a viral video spreads like wildfire through word of mouth and potentially could get millions of hits/views.

The following is one of my favorite viral videos and just leaves you with a good feeling inside…by the way, it has over 76 million views!!!

You may have seen that video before, and you probably watched it AGAIN all the way through because you LIKED or even LOVE it! Did you happen to notice the advertisements that came on when you first started the video? The owner gets paid money each time someone clicks on one of those ads. With over 76 million views even if only 1% clicked that’s 760,000. If each click was worth $0.10 that’s $76,000 my friend. That is the power of a viral video.

Viral videos don’t always have to be used for marketing purposes and making money. A “subway blooper reel,” featuring people tripping over one slightly taller step in a staircase, received a lot of attention on the web after the creator shared it on Reddit.

Less than 24 hours and nearly half a million views later, the video appears to have raised more concern than entertainment. People dropped phrases like “lawsuit” in response to the uneven staircase. This prompted NYC to fix the subway station.

The Internet and a website like YouTube can also take any “average Joe” out of obscurity and into stardom! There has been many people who have become famous just by uploading and sharing their video online…not to mention making millions of dollars.

greyson chanceTake for example Greyson Chance , the 12 year old boy that got fast-tracked to fame recently. He was recorded playing Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” at a talent show, uploaded it to YouTube and got over 2 million views in a matter of days. That caught the eye of American Idol judge and talk show host, Ellen Degeneres. She plucked him out of the sixth grade, flew him over and put him on her show the next day. With only three years of piano lessons and no voice lessons at all he is now famous, on his way to a great musical career.

We would be wise to incorporate video into our current marketing strategies even if you are in business for your self or established brick and mortar businesses to get their name more well known. As I’m writing this I’m singing in my head of a carpet cleaning company because the tune is catchy and stick in my brain forever! I actually have used their service and is by far the best carpet cleaning job I’ve had done! Take this for what it’s worth and use the power of a viral video.

Remember, YOU have the CHOICE to make it a GREAT day!

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