The Power of One

the power of oneMy dream has always been able to work full-time from home…

…something that I could mainly do on my computer over the Internet that wouldn’t take a lot of time or monetary investment.

I’ve tried a lot of different programs including a few multi-level marketing programs, but didn’t find much success.

I found that I had to recruit, recruit, and keep recruiting to make ANY money at all, and my income was totally dependent on my team’s efforts.

In order to make a decent size income I’d have to recruit hundreds of people and keep recruiting because the retention rate was so low…

…it was like pouring water into a bucket with holes. It would stay full as long as I kept adding water, but the moment I stopped…no more water in the bucket.

Let me ask you a question, does it sound difficult to find ONE person ONCE a month for 24-months?

Everyone knows at least 24 people right? It’s not overbearing and totally plausible…

…this is the power of one with One24. Just refer one person a month, and teach each of them to do the same and cap out ONE portion of the compensation plan in 17 months making $100K monthly residual income (see pic below).

one24-green-income-model Click Picture to Enlarge

That is The POWER of ONE! Just one person a month and each of them referring one person month retires you in 17 months!

I’m looking forward to fulfilling my dream and working from home full-time having the freedom and flexibility to do what I want when I want. IT’S GOING TO HAPPEN!.


At least watch the videos and make an educated decision.

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