The Success Formula

The Success FormulaWhat is the success formula?

Keep reading and you’ll find out exactly what it is and it’s something that you’ve probably never heard of before…

…if you have, please leave your comments below and share your experience and thoughts on the success formula.

I learned this formula over a year ago from one of my mentors that I’ve strived to apply in all areas of my = specifically in my home-based business…

…but over the last few months I’ve kind of neglected and forgot about it and was once again reminded of the formula yesterday morning on the daily “Think and Grow Rich” mindset call.

In the following video, I explain the details of the success formula:

The Success Formula

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The Success Formula Explained

Here’s the success formula: M + S x P = R … which stands for MINDSET + SKILLSET x PERFORMANCE = RESULTS. Every variable in the equation is important and needs to be applied and developed in whatever area in your life you’re striving for success.

MINDSET – Most people usually skip over this part of the equation and go straight to skills and actions to get the results and then they give up and quit a month later when they don’t get the expected results! You got to develop yourself and your mindset.

SKILLSET – To make the success formula work, you need to develop specific skills applicable for your goals. If you’re building an online business from home, you need to learn how to generate leads and traffic to your website. You always need to be learning and perfecting your craft.

PERFORMANCE – Taking action and performing your craft and what you have learned having a positive mindset is essential to get your desired results. A lot of people get stuck in learning mode and end up getting information overload which leads getting stuck. Immediately take action on what you learn to get results.

RINSE & REPEAT – Each of these variables should be in constant motion where you’re always developing your mindset and personal development, learning new skills and keep “up-to-date” on existing ones, and always be taking action.

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