3 Facts You Need to Know About Working From Home

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Facts You Need to Know About Working From Home

FACT #1: Red Pill vs. Blue Pill?

Red Pill vs. Blue PillHave you ever seen The Matrix? Morpheus offer Neo two pills: red or blue. If he takes the blue pill he wakes up still plugged into the Matrix oblivious to reality and continues to live in a fantasy world.

If he takes the red pill, he’s unplugged from the Matrix and wakes up to reality seeing things as they really are.

I hope you take the red pill because when you take the blue bill you’ll continue to wake up day in and day out a slave to they system of working for someone else building their dream instead of your own.

FACT #2: In the Beginning, It’s Freaking Hard Work!

More often than not when people decide to start a home business they think it’s going to be all sunshine and roses and all they’ll have to do is push button and start making all this money.

The fact of the matter is that you’re gonna have to bust your butt! At least in the beginning. For how long? Days? Weeks? Months? Years? Answer: as long as it takes!

But this I can tell you, I’d rather bust my butt for a few years if needs be rather than work as a corporate slave for the next 30-40 years going to a job I don’t necessarily like living paycheck to paycheck…do you?

FACT #3: It’s Not a Hobby, It’s a Business!

If you’re in it just for fun and kicks, by all means make it your hobby. Problem though… you probably won’t make any money and all you end up with is wasted time and any money you “invested” into it.

But if you’re serious, you’ll treat it as a business. With any business comes risk and the sooner you realize that the better off you’ll be so you won’t set yourself up for any unrealistic expectations.

To be honest, you’ll most likely go through incredible struggle before you find success. If you expect it, you can better prepare yourself to deal with it when it comes knocking at your door. The key is to learn, grow and perseverance!

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