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email-marketingA lot of people say the email marketing is dead…

…I beg to differ.

It’s very much alive and well in the Internet Marketing world.

There’s definitely a certain way to do email marketing and for those who do it in the wrong way it is ‘dead’ for them, but for those who do it the right way is flourishing.

Take for example the top income earner in my primary business…

…he posted a recent snapshot of an email marketing campaign he did the other day from a list of 999 people. 88.94% of the subscribers opened his email!

That’s HUGE! Plus of those 88.94%, 56.18% clicked on the link inside the email!

That my friend is unheard of and is paving the way of treating email subscribers differently so they’ll get to know, like and trust you instead of just being pitched all the time. So what’s the secret?

The Secrets of Email Marketing

email marketing webinar

Email Marketing is Alive and Well

Below is the snapshot of the stats of a recent email marketing campaign by the top income earner in my primary online business. He has been teach us how to get similar results and the things he teaches totally changes the game when it comes to email marketing.

email marketing campaign

Here’s the big, fat obvious disclaimer: Let’s be real… results are definitely not typical and isn’t a guarantee of results. This is to show you what’s possible. It’s possible… And something I’m striving to do myself and learning all that I can to make it happen.

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