3 Daily Disciplines for the Internet Marketer

Daily DisciplinesIf you are an Internet Marketer, hopefully you have some daily disciplines that you focus on during each day.

Most likely that’s not usually the case. I see all the time people being ‘tossed to and fro’ on the sea of the Internet never ‘setting the sail’ with a clear direction.

For a new Internet Marketer I can understand. When I first got started trying to generate an income on line almost three years ago now, that’s exactly how I felt…

…but it wasn’t until I joined forces with a team of like-minded people and strong leaders that gave me a sense of direction. In fact, team leaders tell us exactly what we need to do to be success in this industry!

But it’s amazing how many deaf ears the instructions fall upon. I’ve been there and used to say, “I know what I need to do, I just need to do it.” Call it procrastination, call it laziness, call it whatever you want…

…but until the desire for change is strong enough nobody can make that decision except for YOU! I quote this philosophy by Jim Rohn often:

“For things to change, your need to change. Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better.”

The following 3 daily disciplines are the foundation for any Internet Marketer who’s serious about building a business from home:

3 Daily Disciplines for the Internet Marketer

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3 Daily Disciplines for the Internet Marketer

1. MINDSET – Another quote by Jim Rohn, “Work harder on yourself than you do on your job.” And I dare say that goes for the self-employed, business owners, etc. This first of the three daily disciplines is the most important, the most critical in your business.

It has been said that SUCCESS IS AN INSIDE JOB – and it truly is… Our team has extensive mindset training that will turn your entire thinking processes, which will aid in your success as an Internet Marketer.

2. LIST BUILDING – Building ‘your list’ of email subscribers is another very important part of the daily disciplines. In fact, if you ask any seasoned Internet Marketer they would tell you that ‘their list’ is their most valuable possession and where they make most of their money.

It’s key that you learn how to build your list. That’s exactly what our team does and we can plug you into resources, training, and being surrounded by people who do this everyday to pick their brain and teach you the correct way.

3. CREATE VALUE BASED CONTENT – Here I quote Jim Rohn again, “We get paid directly from the value we bring to the marketplace.” (That may not be the exact quote, but you get the idea.) What value are you bringing to the marketplace? What are you doing to ‘help’ and ‘serve’ others around you or those in your industry?

Whatever that value is, is most likely has a direct relation with your bank account. One way to provide value is to create value based content like what your reading in this blog post. If you’ve been struggling online and have been ‘tossed to and fro’ this information is probably very valuable to you.

Our team holds daily webinar trainings to show you how to create value based content and even gives you ‘done for you’ content if you can’t think of something on your own (I used this a lot when I first got started.) And it’s available for you as well.


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