Blogging Tip: Internet Blasting

What’s the purpose of a blog? It obviously depends on what type of blog you have…

…it could be to share your life with family and friends.

It could be to help others in a particular niche. For example, my wife has a blog that’s titled, “Journey to Silence.” It is her personally story of slowly losing her hearing since the age of four and her success with a cochlear implant.

What ever the reason, you want people to read it! Right? But how do you get people to read it?

Just doing a blog post by itself isn’t going to automatically drive traffic to your blog and have people fall in love with the content and start “following” you…

…you need to BLAST it all over the Internet!

I try and do at least one value packed blog post a day. After I publish it I then publish the link to the following websites:

  • My Facebook Wall & Personal Group
  • 30-50 Targeted Groups on Facebook.
  • LinkedIn profile.
  • Tweet on Twitter.
  • Pin It on Piterest.
  • Share With Circles on Google+.
  • I Email My List.
  • Ping it on Pingler.
  • I Create 25 Free Back Links on SocialMonkee.

Doing this everyday after every blog post drives hundreds of people a day to my blog giving me readers, potential leads, and customers!

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