Ethical Way to Wealth

ethical way to wealthThe Internet is probably one of the greatest inventions ever devised in the history of mankind…

…with just a few key strokes and mouse clicks we can find information on literally any topic! Want to learn how to can peaches? Google it. Want to see how you unlock an iPhone? Google it. Want to find designs to build a bookcase? Google it.

You can find anything!

The Internet has also made it so easy to get access to music, movies, Internet Marketing products, tools, etc, for FREE! Now are they really free? No.

They are from people uploading them and sharing them with others. It has also become the norm. If you want a song you can just download it from a file sharing site.

If you tell a lie long enough,
people will eventually adopt it as the truth.

If you want an Internet Marketing product you go download it. If you want to watch a movie you go download it, from a file sharing site.

Is this right? Will it actually save you money or hurt you financially?

My business partner Mike made a decision awhile back that when he bought his new iMac computer that he would not download any product that was shared online. He would buy everything!

Guess what happened? Just by making that decision, his income increased! Interesting. Here it from Mike himself…

He was just telling me today that he bought a song from iTunes and his wife, the most honest and ethical person he knows, asked, “Why? You know you can get it for free?”

That is proof positive that it’s become the norm, but it doesn’t make it ethical, moral, or right. It is essentially fringing upon the copyrights of others, which costs them money. Copyright infringement is against the law.

I want you to challenge yourself to not download products that you can buy. Not only do you hurt the person that created the product but you set blocks on your income. This is an ethical way to wealth! As you do the right thing, you will be rewarded.

Set yourself FREE! Let go of the money holding you back from buying the products, training, and mentorship you need in your life!

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Remember, YOU have the CHOICE to make it a GREAT day!

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